The Benefits of Hygiene Therapy

Our Birmingham hygienist will help you to avoid gum disease.

Most people probably associate a visit to the dentist with having a procedure, whether this be a simple filling, or something more sophisticated such as a dental implant. Although there will be times when these procedures may be necessary, a large part of the role of a dentist such as our local dental practice based in Birmingham, also revolves around ensuring that good oral health is not only attained, but also maintained.

Whilst we always encourage our patients to maintain good oral health themselves through regular brushing and flossing, this may not always be enough and some people, such as diabetics for example, despite taking good care of their teeth, will always be more susceptible to gum disease than others.

Even those in good health though can suffer from a buildup of plaque and tartar in areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush; the rear of the back teeth being one of the more common places.

Our dental hygienist

To prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar and the subsequent likelihood of gum disease, we recommend that our patients visit Gemma, our resident dental hygiene therapist who is based at Arthur House Dental Care. Through regular visits, Gemma will help to ensure that once a good standard of oral health is attained, this is maintained throughout the patient’s lifetime.

As well as offering advice on ways that you can improve your own oral health maintenance, she will examine your teeth and remove any hidden deposits of plaque that may be starting to build up.

By doing this, she will ensure that your risk of gum disease is dramatically reduced and that your teeth, therefore will remain in good condition. Hygiene therapy also means that there is a dramatic reduction in your chance of suffering decay to the actual teeth. Whilst teeth can be efficiently filled these days, even with natural tooth coloured fillings, we would much prefer that our Birmingham patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible.

In situations where the patient already has gum disease, Gemma is able to offer demonstrations of the various aids that will help you to become free of this and may also, in certain cases, recommend specific treatment by one of our fully trained dentists based here.

Looking to the future

Providing that you maintain regular visits to our hygienist, you should find that any dental problems are few and far between and that, providing you maintain your own oral health efficiently, you are able to avoid more invasive procedures and lead a life free of dental problems; a position that many of your friends and family are likely to envy.

To make an appointment to see our popular Birmingham dental hygienist, please call us on 0121 323 4492.