Dental Care and New Technologies

A Birmingham dentist looks at how the modern era is affecting dental care.

You only have to do a quick search for images of old style dental braces on the internet to realise how much has changed in the last fifty years or so. None of the old orthodontic devices can match up to new modern adult braces such as Invisalign or Insignia braces. This is, without a doubt, due to technological changes which have helped both in the research and manufacture of new modern orthodontic systems for straightening teeth quickly and discreetly.

This advance can only be a good thing and certainly more people from Birmingham and the West Midlands are now prepared to wear modern dental braces than before.

Threats to Dental Care

Although there are obviously a good number of advances in dental care due to modern technology, it should be said that a degree of wisdom is still required in deciding what benefits can be obtained from certain “new” services and systems. One particular area that we have in mind is that of travelling overseas to seek cheaper dental care.

This usually happens when people are considering having dental implants placed. It doesn’t take a lot of searching to find some fairly cheap offers to have them fitted abroad. Whilst we do understand how tempting this may be, there are serious concerns.

A few things that you may need to consider if you are thinking about this:

  1. How do you know if the dentist is qualified?
  2. Will there be a language barrier?
  3. What happens when something goes wrong?

These are just bullet points, but the fact is that it can be very difficult to ascertain how skillful a dentist abroad is and when things go wrong (and they can do), would you really want to go to the expense of travelling abroad again to have it corrected?

We always advise our Birmingham patients that it simply isn’t worth the risk. Although we appreciate the outlay can be significant for some, dental implants provide trouble free, strong replacement teeth that last for over 25 years. So, over the longer term, it is certainly worth paying that bit more to make sure that they are fitted by a qualified implant dentist. At Arthur House Dental Care we also offer dental payment plans that allow you to spread your payments.

Self Diagnosis

Another danger of modern technology, and the internet in particular, is that of self diagnosis. Many of us, if not feeling well, will reach to the internet to find out what is wrong with us. Whilst tempting, it is not advisable, and the results are likely to indicate worst case scenarios. The same applies to dental care. What may turn out to be something as simple and treatable as early stage gum disease may, if you visit the wrong site, indicate something far more serious.

There is no need, and no point, in putting yourself through this unnecessary worry. Simply by contacting Arthur House Dental Care on 0121 323 4492, we can arrange an appointment for you to be seen by one of our highly skilled Birmingham based dentists who will be able to diagnose and treat any dental problems that you may have.