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Children’s dental care – promoting healthy habits for life

Children's dentists in Sutton Coldfield

We believe that you are never too young (or too old) to benefit from excellent dental care.

Our aim is to give your child a gentle introduction to dentistry. We will help them develop the good habits necessary to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

We hope that that our child patients mature into adults who feel relaxed and confident at the dentist as a result of their time with us. We pro-actively care for our younger patients to achieve this.

Preventative care is the best approach

Our focus will be on prevention. We will advise on how best to look after your child’s teeth so that tooth decay leading to fillings can be avoided.

Our approach to preventative care for growing children combined with a supportive family, helps your children to reach their teens with close to perfect set of teeth.

Orthodontic treatment (Braces) to straighten teeth

If your child has crooked or crowded teeth then, at the appropriate stage of development, the teeth can be straightened with modern orthodontic braces.

The approach that we use, interceptive orthodontics, does not require the removal of healthy teeth.

Dr Sanghera has treated her own children with modern braces with excellent results.

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