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Gum disease – needs treatment as a top priority

Prevention and treatment of gingivitis

Gum disease is an infection of the gums and is the commonest cause of tooth loss in adults.

Research suggests that it may also exacerbate other medical conditions such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

For these reasons we always carefully check your gums for any signs of gum disease. Early detection and treatment will result in better outcomes. It will reduce the risk of losing your teeth and improve your general health.

What causes gum disease?

The main cause of gum disease is bacterial plaque. For most people careful daily brushing and flossing will remove the plaque from their teeth.

Some individuals however, may need regular hygiene appointments and other aids to help them in thorough plaque removal, especially if they have gum disease.

Research shows that up to a third of patients may be genetically susceptible to gum disease. Despite careful oral care habits these people may be six times more likely to develop gum disease.

Women during pregnancy and menopause will experience hormonal changes that can affect their gums and make them more susceptible to inflammation.

Smoking, diabetes and stress also increase the risk of gum disease.

Treatment of gum disease

Early diagnosis is important to prevent complications. Often the first sign of gum disease is blood on the toothbrush when cleaning your teeth. Treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Mild gum disease usually responds well to dental hygiene therapy.

Advanced gum disease may require antibiotics, intensive hygiene therapy and occasionally gum surgery.

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