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CEREC crowns – state of the art technology

Dental Crowns in Sutton Coldfield

Crowns are an ideal way to restore and repair your teeth if they have become damaged or broken through decay, accidents or large fillings.

They can also be used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your teeth and the attractiveness of your smile.

What is a crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth that is used to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. After the damaged tooth has been carefully prepared the crown is bonded to its surface with dental cement.

Our dental crowns are usually porcelain restorations. They will restore the teeth to their original shape, strength and beauty.

CEREC crowns fitted in a single convenient appointment

We are one of a minority of dental practices in the UK that have invested in the latest CEREC technology.

To have a crown fitted you usually need two visits to the dentist. On the first visit you have impressions taken and a temporary crown is fitted. There is then a two week wait for your crown to be made in the lab.

You then come back for a second visit to have the temporary crown taken off and the final crown fitted. Each visit requires an injection.

With CEREC technology we can fit your crowns the same day.

No impressions, no temporaries and just one injection

With CEREC there is no more need for temporary crowns or bulky impressions (which many clients dislike). You don’t have a two week wait for the lab to make the crown. There is no second visit to the dentist and no second injection to have it fitted.

You can simply walk in with a problem and walk out an hour and half later with it fixed in a single appointment.

You can find out more about CEREC dentistry here.

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