Options to Whiten Your Teeth In Sutton Coldfield

Methods we use to help recover dark, stained teeth at The Family Smile Clinic

Anyone who has witnessed the first cricket test match between England and Australia can’t have missed the huge smile on the face of England Captain at the end of the game as England won a tight, and at times controversial, first test match.

If you did, you can’t have missed how white his teeth looked, and perhaps felt that you wished yours looked a similar shade? His smile, much like the cricketing performance, was quite captivating.

Of course, Alastair Cook, the England player, is a young man and evidently takes good care of his teeth. However, like the rest of us, as he gets older his teeth could well start to take on a darker appearance; one of the inevitable effects of ageing. This discolouration process can also be exacerbated by smoking or, for some, regular consumption of staining drinks such as red wine, tea and coffee.

What Can You Do About Discoloured Teeth?

Even though we accept that our teeth will naturally darken as we get older due to the natural darkening of the molecules within our teeth, it doesn’t mean that we have to be happy about it. More and more folk are looking for options to lighten their teeth to make their smiles look more appealing.

If you happen to live in or around Sutton Coldfield, we are happy to inform you that we offer a great tooth whitening procedure at the smile clinic within Arthur House Dental Care. This is is tried, tested and safe and will definitely result in a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. The results will depend on the severity of your discolouration, and in some instances of severe staining, we may suggest dental veneers as an alternative, but for those whose teeth are on the usual scale of discolouration, a tooth whitening procedure offers a great way to improve them.

The Procedure

To have your teeth whitened is a relatively simple procedure and takes only approximately one hour from start to finish. During the process your gums and lips will be protected to prevent any possible burning by the whitening gel. This gel is then applied to your teeth and activated using a special light.

Once this process starts, it will lighten the colour of the molecules inside your teeth and after an hour or so, your teeth will be significantly whiter than when you entered our dental practice. The results do vary according to each individual but we are happy to say that almost everyone is delighted with the results that this procedure brings.

Of course, we can’t promise that you will have an opportunity like Alastair Cook to reveal your new teeth to the entire nation, but for your own events such as weddings, parties and interviews etc, you can be assured that your new confident smile from Arthur House Dental Care, will warm the hearts of those around you.