Dental Care for Busy People

How modern dental practices are providing more efficient services for patients.

Few people enjoy visiting the dentist and whilst, for some, it is the anxiety that weighs on their mind, for others, visiting the dentist is inconvenient and time consuming.

The reality is that many people today lead busy lives and whether you live in Sutton Coldfield or are visiting us from Birmingham, paying a visit to our dental practice can take an hour or more out of your day.

For simple checkups, most people accept that this is inevitable and it is only twice a year. For those who are having dental treatments though, their visits to Arthur House Dental Care and any subsequent treatment may take up more time.

The good news is that, as well as for the benefit of a patient’s oral health, research also looks at ways of speeding up any dental treatments. Some of these benefits can now be had at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice.


One of the most obvious ways that we are now able to save patient’s time is through the use of CEREC.

This is a new technology which allows the production of crowns and veneers along with inlays and onlays to be produced within our dental practice.

Without this facility, we would have to send out to a dental laboratory to have these items produced. This would entail two visits to Arthur House Dental Care for our patients; one for the impressions or scans to be taken, and one, a week or so later, to have the crowns or veneers fitted.

Especially if you travel from Birmingham or other parts of the West Midlands outside of Sutton Coldfield, this can be time consuming, particularly if your appointment is during the rush hour.

Fast acting orthodontics

When patients come to us to have their teeth straightened; whilst, of course, wanting this to be done correctly, they are also wish to know how quickly this can be done. Although modern orthodontics are much more discreet and comfortable than earlier versions, it is unsurprising that patients still want the treatment completed in as short a time as is practically possible.

Whilst some of the more traditional dental braces can take over a year to work; for cosmetic purposes, there are now fast acting dental braces available which do an excellent job.

Although the type of orthodontic system used will be based on the patient’s specific needs, the orthodontics at Arthur House Dental Care which are fast acting include Damon braces, Insignia braces, Six Month Smiles, Inman Aligner and Social 6.

Many of these are ideal when used for cosmetic purposes as, in order to speed up the time of the treatment process, they focus only on those teeth that are visible to others.

In addition to the above time savings, we are always looking for new technologies and equipment which will speed up treatment times for our patients.

We also do our best to find an appointment time to suit when you are due to pay a visit to Arthur House. Please call us on 0121 323 4492 to speak to our helpful reception team.