Potential Dangers of Mercury Based Fillings

Why our Sutton Coldfield Dental Practice is mercury free.

Mercury has long been used in dental fillings and makes up a part of the amalgam that many dentists traditionally use for filling tooth cavities. Despite this though, it is a subject that causes debate and controversy amongst experts in the field of dentistry.

Although generally accepted as safe by many dental experts, further research has been requested by organisations such as the British Dental Association who acknowledge that, despite its long use in dental care, mercury, in itself, is a highly toxic substance, and that the Health and Safety executive have recommended that it should not be used where alternatives are available.

Recommendations have also been made by other health bodies that amalgam fillings should not be placed in pregnant women. This suggests then, that although mercury, in the amalgam form, is defined as ‘safe’ for use in dental care, there are sufficient enough concerns to avoid its use if at all possible.

Alternatives to amalgam fillings

At Arthur House Dental Care, we took the decision, some time ago, to eliminate the use of mercury from our West Midlands dental practice. We hope and feel that this will be of benefit especially to those patients who are sensitive to mercury, but will also help to safeguard the health of all of our dental patients.

At one time, the idea of replacing amalgam fillings with alternatives would have been idealistic but not entirely practical. Many historical alternatives have simply lacked the strength needed to withstand the chewing and biting actions that our teeth perform. This is especially the case in the rear teeth where much of the work is done.

Thankfully, much research and development has taken place since, and modern tooth coloured fillings are now available for use instead of the dark coloured fillings of old.

These fillings are now almost equal in strength to amalgam fillings although larger restoration of the rear teeth may use inlays or onlays, or even dental crowns where necessary. We are also pleased to offer a safe amalgam filling removal service.

Cosmetic Improvement

Not only do these new amalgam free fillings have sufficient strength for daily use, but also are a useful tool in improving your smile.

Previously, even following a tooth whitening procedure, dark coloured fillings could be seen when a person laughed. With the tooth coloured fillings now available at our Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham dental practice, this no longer needs to be the case.

To discuss tooth coloured fillings or other cosmetic dental treatments, please call the team at Arthur House Dental Care on 0121 323 4492.