Modern Alternatives to Traditional Dental Braces

Why the new types of discreet adult orthodontics offer significant benefits.

The idea of having to have dental braces has probably struck fear into the heart of many a teenager. Understandably, it can be quite embarrassing, at the age when you are building friendships and relationships, to suddenly appear with a smile that reveals metallic braces.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people opted to take their chances with their teeth and declined this treatment. Whilst, in the short term, this may well have yielded benefits for their personal life, it would, almost certainly, have an effect on the evenness of their teeth later on in life.

No quick fix

And so, many people now find themselves, in their twenties and beyond, with a set of teeth that are uneven and unattractive. In some cases, this can even cause an uneven bite, increasing the risk of wear, or even breakage, of some teeth.

Unfortunately there is no “quick fix” that can rectify this problem with one procedure and the only sustainable way to straighten teeth is by the use of some type of dental brace system.

Modern orthodontics

The bad news stops there though. Although braces are needed to straighten the teeth, modern orthodontics offer a far more discreet method to correct the position of the teeth than previously.

Which type of orthodontics is most suitable will depend on the outcome of a consultation with us at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice, near Birmingham.

Whilst some modern orthodontics, such as Invisalign, use an entirely different method altogether, namely clear plastic aligners; others like the 6 Month Smile and Damon braces, use a variation on the traditional methods but employ very fine, teeth coloured wiring and brackets to make them less visible.


In cases where it is the visible front teeth which need correcting, modern orthodontics are now much faster acting and can perform the task in less than six months in some cases. This will not be the case however when the rear teeth also need repositioning as these are more difficult to move into position.

The speed at which these discreet adult orthodontics can work is not only a convenience in that the braces do not have to be worn for a long time, but also that they can allow you to plan your treatment to be completed in time for a special occasion.

Weddings or other major family events are a perfect example of this and there is little doubt that an even smile will bring out the best in your wedding photographs.

Whatever your reason for wanting to have your teeth straightened though, the selection of orthodontics available at Arthur House Dental Care means that we will be able to straighten your teeth both quickly and effectively.

To arrange a consultation with one of the experienced teeth straightening dentists at our Sutton Coldfield practice, please call us on 0121 323 4492.