The Aesthetic Benefits of Dental Implants

How dental implants can affect the way you look in more ways than you may imagine.

At our dental practice in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham we have placed dental implants successfully for many patients. Patients’ reasons to have the implants placed were varied and ranged from the functional to primarily aesthetic.

Whilst, at Arthur House Dental Care, we are fully confident that dental implants are the best method for replacing lost teeth from a functional viewpoint, we also understand those who wish to have them mainly for aesthetic purposes too.

In reality however, both of these reasons overlap somewhat and simply double the reasons why dental implants are so popular and effective.

Functionality of dental implants

From a dental point of view, the biggest benefit of all of dental implants is the fact that not only do they offer a replacement tooth but that they do so with the addition of a functional dental ‘root’. This has a number of advantages which we will look at later. Needless to say though this very secure replacement tooth and quite unlike dentures which can move around and be unstable. Even a dental bridge which is more stable necessitates work being done on otherwise healthy teeth in order to attach the crowns that hold the bridge in place.


Because of the firmly bonded dental implant, it is possible to attach a dental crown via an abutment which both looks like and feels like a natural tooth. The crown can, of course, also be made in a shade that matches your own teeth and will appear entirely natural.

By using a dental implant, the gap in a patient’s teeth is filled and the patient can then have a full set of healthy looking teeth once more. The benefits of the aesthetic appeal of the dental implant goes much further though, and it is here that it crosses over into the area of functionality.

As stated earlier, the dental implant is actually held firmly in place in the jawbone, and it is this which gives it its strength and stability. What is perhaps less well known though is the role that this also plays in the patient’s appearance.

Whether dentures are used or, in some cases, a patient chooses to leave the gap, this indicates to the body that there is no longer a tooth that needs to be supported by the bone in the jaw. In a similar manner to the way that a muscle will waste away if not used, the bone in the jaw gradually starts to thin and become less dense.

When this happens, the shape of the patient’s face will gradually change and, especially where a number of teeth are missing, can start to take on a sunken appearance which can significantly age the way that a person looks.

Crooked Teeth

Leaving a gap in the teeth is also not a good option as this gap will allow the surrounding teeth to encroach upon the area and become crooked. Whilst this can be effectively corrected by the use of an adult orthodontic such as the Social 6 or Damon braces, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and consequently we will always advise our patients to take preventative action wherever possible.

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