Food Colourings and their Effect on Teeth

A look at the staining properties of foods on our teeth.

Few of us these days perhaps, eat a diet entirely made up of fresh food, relying at least occasionally on takeaway food, supermarket ready meals or even sandwiches and other ready made snacks.

Although many of these are becoming more healthy due to general awareness by the public, many do still contain food colourings which are designed to make the food more appealing to our eyes, and therefore more likely to be purchased.

Stained Teeth

Whilst tobacco is probably by far still the biggest culprit when it comes to heavily stained teeth, food colourings too may also cause discolouration, especially if used over a period of time. Even some very natural colourings such as the spice, turmeric, can cause discolouration when eaten frequently.

The effects of these food colourings are highly unlikely to be noticed immediately, but the effects can build up over a period of time, the length of which may depend upon how regularly we eat these.

Teeth whitening

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Dental Implants – Some Common Misunderstandings

Addressing some common concerns about this popular tooth replacement procedure.

Dental implants may, at some point in the future, phase out dentures altogether given that the advantages they offer are significant (as we have covered in some of our previous blogs).

Despite the fact that thousands of people in the UK now have implants placed, some of our potential patients from Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham have raised understandable concerns with us about the treatment process.


For those unfamiliar with the workings of the human body, it is probably not surprising that they expect a dental implant procedure to be painful. Drilling holes into the jawbone may seem like something out of the film ‘Marathon man’ but, in reality, this part of the procedure should cause no more discomfort than other invasive dental procedures.

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Struggling to Stop Smoking?

Reviewing the potential damage to your oral health.

We are now just over a month into the new year; and it is around this time that many New Year resolutions start to fail. The gym membership goes to the back of a draw, those running shoes gather dust as you look at the cold weather outside. At least for lots of us.

Smoking too, although less popular that it once was, is still at the top of many New Year resolutions lists, and for good reasons. We all know how damaging it can be for our health; unfortunately though, nicotine is highly addictive and many people will be struggling to keep their resolution.

We thought, as a caring family dental practice in Sutton Coldfield, that perhaps some reminders about the damage that it can also do to your teeth and gums might help.

Oral Cancers

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Dental Care for Busy People

How modern dental practices are providing more efficient services for patients.

Few people enjoy visiting the dentist and whilst, for some, it is the anxiety that weighs on their mind, for others, visiting the dentist is inconvenient and time consuming.

The reality is that many people today lead busy lives and whether you live in Sutton Coldfield or are visiting us from Birmingham, paying a visit to our dental practice can take an hour or more out of your day.

For simple checkups, most people accept that this is inevitable and it is only twice a year. For those who are having dental treatments though, their visits to Arthur House Dental Care and any subsequent treatment may take up more time.

The good news is that, as well as for the benefit of a patient’s oral health, research also looks at ways of speeding up any dental treatments. Some of these benefits can now be had at our Sutton Coldfield dental practice.


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Potential Dangers of Mercury Based Fillings

Why our Sutton Coldfield Dental Practice is mercury free.

Mercury has long been used in dental fillings and makes up a part of the amalgam that many dentists traditionally use for filling tooth cavities. Despite this though, it is a subject that causes debate and controversy amongst experts in the field of dentistry.

Although generally accepted as safe by many dental experts, further research has been requested by organisations such as the British Dental Association who acknowledge that, despite its long use in dental care, mercury, in itself, is a highly toxic substance, and that the Health and Safety executive have recommended that it should not be used where alternatives are available.

Recommendations have also been made by other health bodies that amalgam fillings should not be placed in pregnant women. This suggests then, that although mercury, in the amalgam form, is defined as ‘safe’ for use in dental care, there are sufficient enough concerns to avoid its use if at all possible.

Alternatives to amalgam fillings

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Straighter Teeth for Adults and Children

How children, teens and adults in Birmingham can benefit from modern orthodontics.

As a nation with a reputation for having somewhat crooked teeth, it is probably little surprise that many patients from the Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham areas are starting to take advantage of the latest orthodontic procedures to correct this problem.

Whilst teenagers are probably the largest group to have braces to straighten their teeth, this does not mean that both older and younger patients cannot benefit too. In fact, many refer to the new generation of orthodontics as ‘adult orthodontics’.

Fast acting

One of the many benefits of some modern orthodontic systems is that they are designed to be faster acting than traditional ones. Some, such as Six Month Smiles are designed to be very fast acting indeed. This is achieved by focusing solely on the visible front teeth.

Some types of orthodontics, such as Invisalign, use an entirely different method altogether, i.e. clear aligner “trays”, whilst others, such as Damon braces are closer to traditional methods but use more discreet wiring and brackets to make them less obvious to wear.


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Modern Alternatives to Traditional Dental Braces

Why the new types of discreet adult orthodontics offer significant benefits.

The idea of having to have dental braces has probably struck fear into the heart of many a teenager. Understandably, it can be quite embarrassing, at the age when you are building friendships and relationships, to suddenly appear with a smile that reveals metallic braces.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people opted to take their chances with their teeth and declined this treatment. Whilst, in the short term, this may well have yielded benefits for their personal life, it would, almost certainly, have an effect on the evenness of their teeth later on in life.

No quick fix

And so, many people now find themselves, in their twenties and beyond, with a set of teeth that are uneven and unattractive. In some cases, this can even cause an uneven bite, increasing the risk of wear, or even breakage, of some teeth.

Unfortunately there is no “quick fix” that can rectify this problem with one procedure and the only sustainable way to straighten teeth is by the use of some type of dental brace system.

Modern orthodontics

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The Six Month Smile and Your Oral Health

Looking after your teeth and gums whilst wearing this fast acting orthodontic system.

The Six Month Smiles brace is one of the most popular options for straightening teeth which we provide at Arthur House Dental Care. Whilst it works along similar principles to traditional braces, it is both fast acting, focussing only on the visible teeth, and also uses fine tooth coloured materials, making it less visible.

Its popularity, no doubt, lies largely in its speed but also the consistent results it delivers. Six months is not long to have a great smile, particularly when many other orthodontic systems take a year and often more.

Even six months though can create problems for your teeth and gums if special care is not taken. There is an increased risk, as with any braces using the wires and brackets system, for food to become trapped and this can lead to dental decay.

With this in mind, and considering the benefits of the Six Month Smile, we thought that we would take a look at how to care for your teeth whilst wearing them.

Cleaning your teeth

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Five Benefits of Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

One of our most popular adult teeth straightening methods at Arthur House Dental Care in Birmingham.

At our Sutton Coldfield dental practice, in Birmingham, we offer our patients a wide selection of adult orthodontics. By doing this, we feel that we are able to offer one that is suitable for most cases of crooked and uneven teeth which are presented by our patients.

Whilst some orthodontic systems, such as Invisalign are designed to work on both front and rear teeth, this can mean that that the time taken for them to work is fairly lengthy. This is all well and good if the rear teeth actually need straightening, but, for those who are only concerned with their actual smile; i.e. the visible front teeth, the Six Month Smiles orthodontic brace system is often ideal.

Short treatment time

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Osseointegration Explained

The basis of the success of dental implants explained by our Birmingham implant dentist.

Osseointegration may not be a term that patients of Arthur House Dental Care are especially familiar with, but it is a process that forms an essential part of the dental implant procedure.

Described in the Merriam-Webster encyclopedia as “the firm anchoring of a surgical implant (as in dentistry or in bone surgery) by the growth of bone around it without fibrous tissue formation at the interface”, osseointegration is the reason that dental implants offer a strong and stable option for replacing lost teeth.


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