Our Approach to Dental Care in the West Midlands

Offering patients from Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham a positive dental experience.

As an established dentist in Sutton Coldfield for over ten years now, we thought we would look at how we’ve developed our practice over the years and in particular how we’ve worked hard on our procedures and training in order to offer an excellent patient experience.

Whilst all professionally trained dentists are able to perform general dental procedures as well as a number of cosmetic ones, patients often look for those additional ‘extras’ when choosing a dental practice.

One key factor that influences people’s choice is overall patient care. It is often the additional touches which ensure that new patients to our Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham dental practice remain with us for many years.

Patient Care

We have put a lot of thought into the way we treat all of our patients and our staff are regularly trained  and updated to offer the best in client care. From the moment that you walk into our dental practice, you will be dealt with calmly, courteously and politely.

This care will also extend to communication in the treatment room. In fact, we have found that many nervous patients have responded very well to this and several have commented on how it puts them at ease. Of course, we do recognise that, for some, the fear of dental practices is profound and we also offer conscious sedation to help enable these patients to relax during procedures.


We always endeavour to provide the best quality equipment and are continually looking to modernise the practice when appropriate. For example, we have installed CEREC technology which allows us to make dental crowns and veneers whilst the patient waits. This prevents the need for two visits to have procedures completed.

Tests have also shown that crowns and veneers that are made using Cerec tend to be stronger than those produced in a dental laboratory. We are also pleased to offer full warranties on crowns, veneers and bridges.

The Practice

As already mentioned, our care for patients starts from the moment they enter the building. We have done all that we can to make Arthur House Dental Care a warm and welcoming place, putting a great deal of thought into the decor and environment to ensure that we have progressed a long way from the gloomy waiting rooms of the past.

In addition to this, we also offer the convenience of free parking close to the practice and provide disabled access to ensure that all patients are able to see their dentist conveniently.

As always, we are open to any suggestions which might improve our patients experience. If you have used our dental practice and have a suggestion, we would love to hear it.

Please call our reception team on 0121 323 4492 and let us know or discuss with our team on your next visit.