Stronger Teeth For Access To A Wider Range of Foods

How a dental implant can be life changing

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that food now seems to play a far more important role in our lives than may have been the case a number of years ago. Whilst nutrition was the most important factor in diet after the second world war, and understandably so, things have changed and a wider variety of food is now available, meaning that nutrition generally is not a problem (when we eat sensibly!), but also that we can now enjoy food much more due to the wider choices available.

Reality shows on TV seem to be gradually being replaced with cooking programmes and this in turn is making us more experimental in what we eat. The days of meat and two veg now seem a thing of the past. To enjoy this wide variety of food that is available to its full extent, a good strong set of teeth comes in more than useful, particularly where the food type is hard or sticky.

As well as taste, of course, texture is a big factor in the enjoyment of eating, but how many of us have winced as Gregg Wallace bites down hard on a brittle toffee topping for example, thinking that our teeth would not withstand that kind of treatment? Most of us probably have at least a tooth or two that we feel is not as strong as we would like and this can restrict us in the things that we choose to eat, going for softer options rather than risk our teeth. This problem is exaggerated too if we have a partial denture as these can make eating certain foods very difficult indeed.

At our Sutton Coldfield dental surgery, there are several procedures which can help in the strengthening of your bite. If you have a weakened tooth, procedures such as having a crown fitted, for example, can give the tooth more integrity although it may never feel quite as strong as a natural tooth.

By far the strongest option though when a tooth is either very weak or you have a partial denture, is to have it replaced by a dental implant. The implant replaces the whole tooth so if your present tooth is weak, you may need to have this extracted beforehand in order for the dental implant to be placed.

With the implant being made from titanium, once it has been placed into the jawbone, the process of osseointegration takes place, whereby the bone in the jaw surrounds and attaches itself to the implant itself. This ensures that an extremely strong root is created. Once the process is complete, a crown is that attached to replace the tooth itself. Not only does this look natural as the crown can be made to match your other teeth, but it feels natural and is as close a replacement to a natural tooth as is currently possible.

After a period of time, as the area of the procedure fully heals, you will find that you treat your dental implant exactly as though it were a natural tooth albeit one in which you have full confidence to bite down hard and eat whatever you choose, whatever the texture, to enjoy a wide and wonderfully varied diet both at home and when dining out.