Why Gentle Dentistry is Important

A Sutton Coldfield Family Dentist Explains

There is no getting away with it, as far as professions go, being a dentist probably falls somewhere between a traffic warden and a football referee in terms of popularity. However, we do understand that, for some, having a dental procedure is not the most fun thing, although we do guarantee that we will always try to do all that we can to make your experience with us as easy and comfortable as possible.

The Early Years

The importance of getting a child into the habit of visiting a dentist on a regular basis is key to ensuring that they have good oral health throughout their lives and we place special emphasis on making these visits as pleasant as we can for the child (and the parent). By ensuring that our staff are fully trained to communicate with our patients in a manner that is both reassuring and calming to our patients, we endeavour to ensure that they feel comfortable to return on a regular basis for check ups and any early stage treatments that may be needed.

By ensuring that our younger patients especially, don’t dread their dental visits, there is a significantly greater chance of them maintaining this routine throughout their adult life.


Unfortunately, some people have had bad experiences at the hands of a dentist in the past, and this has coloured their experience, leaving them extremely reluctant to visit their dental practice until such a time that it is absolutely necessary. Very often, at this stage, they will be in pain and the tooth in such a condition that it can’t be saved and will have to be extracted leaving the patient to choose between having a gap in their teeth or to have dentures or a dental implant fitted.

We can’t emphasise strongly enough the importance of breaking through this fear and visiting us as soon as possible. If you are someone who has a real fear of dentists, then we offer conscious sedation at our Sutton Coldfield practice. This is administered whilst you are in the dental chair and allows you to remain fully conscious throughout the procedure but in a state of total relaxation.

Some patients have said that what was actually an hour long procedure, seemed to pass in just minutes when they used this sedation. Please note though, that if you do opt for this, that you will need to bring someone with you to assist you in getting home as the effects may leave you a little disorientated. Under no circumstances should you drive as this would be extremely dangerous indeed.

Professional Excellence

It should go without saying that our dental team is highly skilled and highly trained and will do all that they can to ensure your procedure is as stress free as is possible. With our state of the art facilities and a pleasant and relaxing environment which we have put a great deal of thought into, we hope, and trust, that you will find your visits to Arthur House Dental Care to be as pleasant as possible and leave you encouraged to maintain your regular visits to ensure your good oral health.