Why Suffer from Discoloured or Stained Teeth?

Options for whiter teeth for our Birmingham patients

Getting old is inevitable of course; however it doesn’t mean that we should resign ourselves to a declining appearance just because we are advancing in years.

Opinions do vary on ageing, with some people struggling with the implications whilst others feel happier and more ‘themselves’ than they did when they were teenagers. Whichever category we fall into though, there are some things about getting older that few of us enjoy.

As well as the wrinkles that appear on our face, and the fact that it takes us a lot longer to recover from a night out, our teeth start to darken as we get older too. This can be accelerated by factors such as smoking, drinking tea or even red wine, but even without this and with the best dental care in the world, the reality is that the inner molecules of our teeth will darken, leaving us with progressively discoloured teeth.

Professional Tooth Whitening

To our patients from Birmingham, we say simply, don’t bother with tooth whitening toothpastes if you really want to see some effect on the whiteness of your teeth. Although the advertisements say that they work, the reality is that they do so to a very minor degree indeed. Because health and safety laws, quite rightly, restrict the amount of the whitening ingredient that is allowed in such toothpastes, they are only able to improve whiteness of the teeth minimally.

By far the best way to ensure positive results is to visit our Birmingham practice to have the tooth whitening treatment done professionally by one of our qualified cosmetic dentists. The treatment itself is not invasive and takes just one hour of your time. Simply by applying a special whitening gel, after protecting your gums and lips, a light is used to activate the ingredient which whitens the teeth.

This gel is left on for around an hour, by which time, you will notice a very significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. Depending on whether you smoke or drink red wine, the effect should remain for a number of months at the very least.


Patients to our Birmingham dental practice often ask about the downsides to any procedures that they may have and a tooth whitening procedure is no exception. The good news for this procedure is that there are few side effects at all. In fact, most people will notice no side effects whilst very few may experience a little sensitivity in the teeth that have been whitened. This sensation though is only temporary and will soon recede.

We also offer home tooth whitening kits for those that prefer to have this done in the comfort of their own home. This is done by providing you with a custom made tray, into which a whitening gel is placed and worn over your teeth. Because of the lower amount of the whitening ingredient used in this method, this process should be repeated for approximately two weeks to see the full effect.

For more information about our tooth whitening procedures and products, please contact the Arthur House Dental Team on 0121 323 4492.