Covering the Cracks and Stains with Dental Veneers

Versatile veneers for smile improvement in Sutton Coldfield

Dental veneers are often thought of as being purely a solution to having whiter teeth, for example when a patient’s teeth are too badly discoloured for a tooth whitening procedure to be successful. Whilst this is true and perhaps the most common reason for their use, they can also be used effectively in a few other situations.

Cracked and Chipped Teeth

When teeth have become badly cracked or chipped, this has an impact on the overall appearance of a person’s smile. Whilst some chips may be filled with a composite resin, this is sometimes not very strong and may not match the colour of the teeth too well.

Placing dental veneers over the top of the prepared chipped or cracked teeth is an excellent way to restore the appearance of a person’s damaged teeth.

Gaps in the Teeth

Some claim that having gaps in between the front teeth is quite alluring, however, most people would prefer to not have them. Provided that the gap is not too significant to the point that one of our orthodontic procedures would be needed, dental veneers can be used to mask it very effectively. The other obvious benefit is avoidance of the waiting time that an orthodontic procedure involves.

Colour Matching

Veneers can also be used as part of a smile makeover, for example where dental implants have been placed but the remaining natural teeth are too badly stained or cracked to enhance/match with a simple whitening procedure. In this case, veneers can be used to normalise the appearance of the teeth to produce a uniform, beautiful smile.

Once fitted, dental veneers are an excellent way of maintaining a great smile and are easily looked after simply by brushing and cleaning the teeth in the usual way. It is important however that very hard foods are avoided; for example trying to break a nutshell with the teeth or worse (and yes we have seen cases of this!) attempting to open a bottle using the teeth.

Hopefully we’ve illustrated just how versatile veneers actually are; from masking defects on a single tooth right through to being an integral part of a full ‘smile makeover’. If you would like more advice or maybe to book a consultation, please call our Sutton Coldfield dental practice team and we will be pleased to assist.