Bridges or Dental Implants?

Missing tooth options for our patients from Sutton Coldfield and the Birmingham Area.

Losing a tooth or two as a young child is natural and indeed, seeing a young child who has lost their front ‘milk’ teeth can almost look quite ‘cute’. When this happens to us as adults however, it is a different matter altogether as we know that there are no new ones coming through to replace them.

The loss of a tooth, and especially one of the more visible front ones, as an adult, can have a dramatic effect on us. Whereas once we would think nothing of laughing or smiling, we are likely to find ourselves become more and more reserved; not wishing to show the gap in our teeth.

For this reason, and even for lost rear teeth which can cause difficulty in eating, most of us will look at various dental options to replace the missing teeth. Of these, there are two that are most commonly chosen, dental bridges and dental implants.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is essentially a ‘false tooth’ or teeth, which is attached to the teeth either side of the gap that the missing tooth has left. It is an effective method of replacing a missing tooth, and at Arthur House Dental Care, our bridges come with a five year guarantee.

To ensure both strength and a natural appearance, the bridges that we use in our Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham dental practice are made from porcelain. This ensures that even if a visible front teeth is missing, the teeth will appear natural.

Whilst this is a fast and effective method of replacing lost teeth, it does have a disadvantage in that, in order for the bridge to be fitted, the teeth either side have to be prepared so that the bridge can be attached. This usually means shaping them by removing some of the otherwise healthy teeth.

Dental Implants

Whilst a more invasive procedure, dental implants offer a much longer lasting solution than a dental bridge and cause no damage to the remaining teeth. They also have the added advantage that the titanium implant mimics the natural root of the tooth and therefore prevents any deterioration in the bone that supports it. This means that there is less likelihood of other teeth moving and your facial shape should remain as it is too.

With a dental implant expected to last for twenty five years or so, it has increasingly become the first choice for many people and it is easy to see why.

Although some people do have concerns about the procedure, which involves the drilling of a hole into the jawbone into which the implant is placed, this sounds much worse than it actually is. Using a local anaesthetic, our implant dentist, Dr Julian Perry, will ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. Most people find it to be no more uncomfortable than any other dental procedure.

For those of a nervous disposition, we can even offer conscious sedation should they require it. This allows the patient to remain fully conscious but completely relaxed at all times.

If you have a tooth missing and wish to discuss the above options with us, please call Arthur House Dental Care in Sutton Coldfield on 0121 323 4492.